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additional modules

From additional Stock Control modules to Loyalty Programs and Accounting Software integration, inTouch has the Point of Sale Solution for your business.
stock control
inTouch Stock Control is a comprehensive food service cost accounting software package designed to isolate losses due to theft, shrinkage, over portioning, incorrect purchasing, poor yields, over production and a host of other mistakes that affect the bottom line. Our goal is to give your management team the information they need to make correct decisions on a timely basis that will substantially decrease food cost while increasing profitability.
True cost of sales and leveraging profits
The reality today is that the hospitality foodservice market is highly competitive. To stay ahead of your competition as a restaurateur, you have no choice but to keep this kind of data at your fingertips. inTouch Stock Control is a state-of-the-art Inventory Control package which provides the answers that you’ve been looking for in effectively controlling food, beverage and paper costs – stockyour variable operating costs. By providing simple, but powerful analytical processing tools – including actual vs. theoretical comparisons, variance analysis – We put complete cost control at your fingertips. Stop backtracking and duplicating process today! inTouch Stock Control automates the ordering and receiving process. New purchase orders can easily be created at unit level, and if you routinely submit similar supplier purchase orders, standardized templates can be utilized to save valuable time.
key features
  • Product forecasting, reporting and purchase order creation
  • Supplier price history and product quotes for competitive analysis
  • Cost of sale and gross profit per category and per item
  • Multiple costing methods (last and average)
  • Automatic conversion between units of measure for purchase, count and usage
  • Tracking of multiple suppliers and stocking locations per item
  • Accurate update of accounting software
  • Audit trails of sales and stock edits
  • Easy to operate
  • Entire Windows™ and SQL design
  • Reporting designed with filter and sort options for user-defined count
  • Historical sales comparison
  • Par level and projected order capabilities
  • Support for handheld stock taking devices
online ordering
Online Ordering helps drive incremental sales to your business by making it easy and convenient for your customers to do business with you.
Mobile Ordering
Online Ordering enables your customers to access your restaurant on-the-go, either from the palm of their hand or their personal computer. The convenience of online and mobile ordering engages your customers with your brand, setting up for customer loyalty and ultimately increasing customer traffic and market presence.
Extend your business beyond your restaurants walls
Enable your customers to interact with your restaurant virtually. Online ordering gives your customers the perfect way to order the food they want, when they want it and enjoy it in the comfort of their own homes or on-the-go.
Enhance your brand visibility
Online Ordering platform fosters branding and customization. From graphic design, food images and menu ordering content to specific store settings and features can be customized to best represent and communicate your brand to your customers.
Integration with point of sale
Since Online Ordering integrates directly with our POS system, customer transactions are fast and accurate. Customers can see location-specific menus with true prices and pay online, streamlining order entry and completion.
Gain customer intelligence to improve marketing decisions
As customers voluntarily input detailed personal data into the online ordering solution, you are empowered with valuable information. Detailed analytics and reporting tools enable you to optimize marketing and operational decisions tailored to your customers.
Secure customer profile data and payment information
Customers can securely enter personal profile data and payment information as part of the online order and store it for later use, speeding up the transaction and ensuring better convenience for their next order.
key features
  • Online and mobile ordering with branded ordering sites
  • Real-time integration with Point of sale 
  • Secure online and mobile payments
  • Delivery, catering and group order support
  • Capacity management
  • Discount support
  • Social media integration
mobile point of sale
inTouch Mobile and Tablet Point of Sale terminals allow you to service your customers wherever they are enjoying your hospitality. Our technology gives you and your staff the ultimate flexibility in providing excellent, immediate service that translates into increased operating efficiencies, greater profits, and an enhanced guest experience. inTouch continues to lead the way with innovative handheld and tablet technologies.
Take Orders On The Move!
inTouch Mobile allows the user to do everything a traditional and more. Unlike other mobile solutions, a waiter using inTouch Mobile can work an entire shift without having to resort to an actual Point of Sale terminal, meaning more time on the floor serving guests. There is no need for additional storage and no training is required. This revolutionary new app has many unique features, all designed to help a hospitality operation give the best customer service they can at minimal cost. The Order Taking features exclusive to inTouch Mobile include Express Ordering, a Search Box for easy location of items, and pop-ups to remind servers to ask the right questions for maximum guest satisfaction and up-selling. Unlike other mobile solutions a server can work their whole shift without having to resort to using an actual Point of Sale terminal.
Key features
  • Take orders at the table for increased speed of service
  • View all open tables and tabs within the restaurant
  • Easily modify items, split checks, print or email checks. You can even present a digital check to your customers through the reversed check view
  • Lookup recipes, allergens, preparation instructions and other product information
  • Apply Comps & Promo’s
  • Easy handling of split Payments: Cash, Credit Card other
  • Employee ‘Time & Attendance
  • Send messages to and from handhelds to easily communicate with your floor staff
  • Use standard WiFi infrastructure instead of expensive, proprietary hardware
  • No stylus or code number lookup required
  • Easy and quick programming
In order to have an ultra-reliable system you have to run it on ultra-reliable hardware.  Our terminals and servers are designed to thrive in harsh, high-transaction environments. We also offer peripherals like scanners, cash drawers and printers for an end-to-end solution that saves you time and money. Whether you’re looking for a single terminal or multiple terminals with customer facing displays, we’ve got you covered.
Key features
  • Robust compact design
  • Die-cast aluminium housing provides excellent heat dissipation
  • 15 inch true-flat touch screen
  • System is very easy to maintain
  • Array of I/O ports providing connectivity
  • Intel D2550/J1900/G540/i3/i5/i7
  • Cable management system
  • Solid state drive
  • Fan-Less
Kitchen Display System
The Kitchen Display System (KDS) helps you maximize guest satisfaction, reduce staff costs, minimize kitchen errors and reduce wasted food. With its bright graphical displays, robust reporting capabilities and quote time calculators, The KDS gives you better analysis, enhanced organization of items and controlled timing functionality Easily configured to fit your specific needs, the inclusion of kitchen specific software within your business allows you to:

  • Improve the speed of food service by controlling and being aware of check times while they are on the line
  • Increase your customers’ satisfaction by providing accurate orders based on their requests
  • Streamline kitchen performance and increase productivity based on gathered data
  • Configure all of the settings based on your kitchen’s needs including screen design, key metrics and sorting options
  • Ensure your dishes are made the same way, every time with the ability to add recipes, images or videos for each item

Our Kitchen Display Systems come with a full hardware suite that has been specifically created with our customers in mind. All hardware is designed to enhance the experience and layout of the kitchen and withstand its harsh conditions. Our kitchen hardware includes the following components:

  • Kitchen controller
  • Touch Screen LCD displays
  • Mounting arms
  • Printers
Key features
  • Seamlessly integrates to POS, takeout, delivery, guest management and configuration systems.
  • Uses a logical approach based on item cooking times to improve efficiency and quality of the kitchen and guest satisfaction
  • Smart bin functionality consolidates items and increases productivity of kitchen stations.
Table Reservations
One of the key differentiators for any restaurant is to provide an exemplary guest experience, and our ReservIT software enables restaurateurs to do just this. The solution is able to intelligently track table status, relay the time that tables are left unseated, maximise seating efficiency and capture key guest information to provide a personalised service.
Increase Seat Utilisation
Maximise seating efficiency by matching party size to table size; use real-time updates to reduce the amount of times tables are empty; and reduce customer walk-outs with accurate wait quotes.
Operational Analysis
The system accurately pinpoints problem areas in the seating cycle and identifies repeat and VIP guests to provide personalised service.
Enhance the Guest Experience
ReservIT gives restaurateurs the tools to provide a smooth, personalised and professional service. It is easy to provide accurate wait quotes to guests and to capture and respond to guest requests and preferences.
Real Time Dashboards
In addition to an intuitive and customisable floor-plan display, the system offers real-time statistics on waiting and seated parties.
ReservIT – The Total Solution
With ReservIT in place, you can dramatically improve the guest experience by seating your customers quickly and efficiently, and quoting accurate wait times. It is the ideal solution for reservations management, waitlist management, table management and guest tracking; and is tightly integrated with the Aloha point of sale software solution.
Key Features
  • Improved Table turns
  • Maximized seating
  • Accurate reservations
  • More repeat business
  • Target marketing
  • A more profitable business
  • Reduced table waiting time
  • Improved service based on request and preferences being logged.
  • Ability to make reservations online
Efficiently managing the realities of your takeout and delivery operations quickly improves your speed of service and gives you the opportunity to grow beyond the walls of your business. Using inTouch Delivery, your take away order entry and delivery is synchronized in one tightly integrated solution. inTouch Delivery provides an innovative solution to streamline your operations and incorporates the tools needed to manage deliveries to remote locations. Extending inTouch’s feature-rich Quick Service and Table Service applications, your staff can now focus on smooth restaurant operations and superior guest service.
  • Replace unreliable manual processes with automated tracking and production of scheduled orders
  • Quickly identify frequent guests using Takeout’s customer reports
  • Release future orders automatically to production at the correct date and time
  • Locate and edit future orders quickly and easily with powerful free form search
Key Features
  • Customer reports
  • Multiple phone numbers and addresses per customer
  • Enter future day orders at any time
  • Repeat last order
  • Caller ID guest lookup
  • Customer quote times by order type
  • Real time operational metrics
  • inTouch Loyalty rewards assignment
  • Integration with inTouch Quick Service and Table Service
  • Driver order assignment and adjustment
  • Map and direction support for new drivers
  • Detailed driver itinerary with item reminders
  • Driver performance measurements
  • Change order mode on the fly
  • Tip entry at driver return
  • Estimated driver return time
As a business owner or manager you cannot be at your outlets all the time. But you do need to know what is going on. What are labour costs today? How are sales doing? Are staff responding proactively to customer complaints? You need a mobile platform delivering relevant real time information to you so you can act, not when it will be too late, but NOW. The restaurant technology to do all of that is here. It’s time to change your game with inTouch Point of Sale.
With Real-Time you will be able to:
  • Take action when labour costs are running high so your bottom line is not affected.
  • Receive alerts on fraudulent activity so you can take action and minimise revenue loss. (It is estimated that an average of 5% revenues go missing.)
  • Monitor restaurant revenue including what is selling and maximise opportunities, dynamically.
  • Have instant information when guest feedback is negative, giving your team an opportunity to deal with the issues before loosing customers.
  • And all of this can be delivered direct to your iPhone or tablet, anytime, anywhere.
Are you ready to change your game and be more successful?
Cloud Based Reporting
inTouchLink is an innovative cloud based, email and cell-phone based reporting system, allowing you to access key information from your store anytime, anywhere. inTouchlink can be configured for a single store, or for multiple stores in your group.
Key Features
  • Secure web site
  • Simple Interface
  • Profile based security
  • Sales figures imported automatically
  • Online Reports
  • Email and sms
  • Easy data browsing through the Data Browser
  • Easily browse latest reports through shortcuts
  • Easy printing of reports for offline viewing
  • Graphs for easy visual comparison
loyalty programs
Repeat business is the lifeblood of every business. Successful operators are increasingly turning to electronic frequency and restaurant loyalty programs to deliver targeted rewards and incentives that increase store traffic. inTouch Loyalty allows your organization to quickly design, roll out and manage effective restaurant loyalty card with loyalty programs that will not only attract new customers, but also turn your existing customer base into “ideal customers” who have the purchasing habits that will drive topline growth for your restaurant
inTouch Loyalty helps you:
  • Replace unreliable manual processes with automated tracking and production of scheduled orders
  • Quickly identify frequent guests using customer reports
  • Release future orders automatically to production at the correct date and time
  • Locate and edit future orders quickly and easily with powerful freeform search
Key Features
  • Variety of plan types include item based, rand based, points based, frequency based or random – offer unique and unlimited bonus plans
  • Flexible rewards: instant discounts, gift card credit and “bounce-back vouchers” – Increase customer satisfaction
  • Easy set-up at both POS site and corporate level – streamline administration process
  • Rich enterprise reporting options including customer history and management alerts – mold customers into profit-yielding members

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