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Keep Control over sales, stock and profit

  • Stock Control
  • Cash or Cashless
  • Suppliers
  • Accounts
  • Meal Booking

Touch Screen point of sale

  • Touch Screen fan-less hardware
  • Bar code scanning
  • Admin screen allows for a quick overview of stock levels and cost pricing for defined user access levels
  • Intuitive touch screen design to assist the cashier through operations
  • Finger print or access card
  • Cash and cashless transactions
  • Integrated credit and debit cards

Stock Control

Managing stock can be a procedure which takes up a considerable amount of time, but with our Canteen Point of Sale software it is quick and easy

  • Recipe level control.
  • Volume weigh control for liquid items.
  • Pack size inventory option which allows for breaking down of items into smaller quantities.
  • Supplier product code linking to ensure correct ordering and delivering.
  • Unlimited stock locations.
  • Ability to link specific terminals to different locations for stock control purposes.
  • Advanced stock ordering system to help maintain stock levels.
  • Electronic stock counting devices.


Detailed Reporting on all aspects from stock to cashier sales

  • Detailed Payment Report.
  • Inventory Valuation Report.
  • Reporting per Revenue Centre.
  • Sales Journal Report Per Product, Department, Cashier.
  • Time & Attendance.
  • Cash up Report per Terminal, Cashier or system

Sales & Accounts

  • Detailed Age Analysis
  • Sale tracking per Customer/Member
  • Full history report per Customer/Member
  • Pre Paid Accounts
  • Subsidised Accounts
  • Cost Center Charges
  • Visitor and Contractor Accounts
  • Cashloader
  • Nutritional Information
  • Interface to Accounting Software
  • Interface to Payroll

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  • Meal booking
  • Online web ordering
  • Cash | Cashless | Credit Card
  • Time & Attendance
  • Procurement
  • Stock control
  • Touch Screen Point of Sale
  • Cash & Account sales
  • Reporting
  • Access control
  • Integration to accounting software