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inTouch Point of Sale’s SAGA (HNA) accredited suite of golf club software, facilitates all transactions your club may require, making the daily tasks of managing members and Point of Sale transactions a breeze.

Tee Time Booking

inTouch Golf has its own Tee Time Booking module which allows for accurate tee time management and information. Golf clubs can now forecast rounds and fill those open tee time slots ahead of time.

Green Fee Point of Sale

Touch Screen Point of Sale with pre-populated green fees direct from the Tee Time Booking Sheet allows for pin point and efficient processing of green fee and cart fee collection.

SAGA Interface

  • Adding a new member will automatically add the member to the SAGA database and provide you with the member’s SAGA number
  • inTouch facilitates SAGA functions such as card orders, opening of rounds , updating of details and handicap history
  • Members resigning are automatically removed from SAGA servers
  • Point of Sale terminals have live links to SAGA handicap data
  • Member and Visitor SAGA handicap cards can be swiped
  • 9 and 18 Hole rounds can be opened at the Point of Sale when paying green fees
  • Handicap and booking information is printed on POS receipts
  • Visitor details can be confirmed on the SAGA server in case card is not present at the inTouch terminal

Pro Shop Retail Point of Sale

With intuitive user interfaces designed specfically to suite the operator, transactions are quick and accurate. Stock and member accounts are updated in real time.

Conference & Banqueting

Booking of facility rooms and resources off calendar with quoting and invoicing facilities.

Member Subscription Billing

Automatic, weekly / monthly / bi-annual or annual invoicing based on member types. Invoices are send via email or members can log into their accounts to download the invoices.

Member Discounts and Loyalty

Give members a benefit for being loyal members and reward them, rewards can vary depending on their account and loyalty status.

Access for Members Via Web

Members have access to their own accounts for auditing, printing and information purposes via a secure internet portal. take the hassle out of those tedious account queries.

Cashless Transactions

Accounts can be loaded and transacted against without the need for cash or credit card transactions at the Point of Sale. Make your club secure and avoid those headaches associated with keeping cash on the premises.

Inteface to Accounting Software

Post all relevant information directly into your  Accounting Software via easy export facility. This saves on having to double capture information.


Built in bulk E-mail and SMS Messaging directly to specfic segments of your database in order to communicate account balances / specials / last minute tee times etc. Running a different CRM? We have various other third-party CRM integrations available.

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  • Tee Time Booking
  • Green Fee Point of Sale
  • Pro-Shop Retail Point of Sale
  • Food and Beverage Point of Sale
  • SAGA Interface
  • Conference and Banqueting
  • Subscription Billing
  • Member Discounts and Loyalty
  • Member Account Access Via Web
  • Cashless Transactions
  • Interface to Accounting software
  • Customer Relation Management